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2008-11-19 21:17:28 by hiphop8004

my friend dylan made me watch it so i did

it was alright but the ending got me mad

and i got too confused too easily

but the end credit were kool

7/10 (just be glad it got that dylan)



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2008-11-19 21:27:56

Read the PM I gave you alright?


2008-11-19 21:38:55

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Being a guitarist and a 20 year old guy I loved the FLCL series...its all about growing up and puberty...its packed with action and amazing characters...I will fight for this show every chance i get because Im a big anime fan and truthfully flcl may be my favorite


2008-11-19 22:21:28

THAT'S such an OLD anime.

Unique for it's style and random-ness.

Here's some info..

Haku is a alien girl who is in love with the Space Pirate Atamask. But Atamask has the power to steal planets. Truth is that he was trying to protect them from those Irons aka Metal Mechanica who's desire is to flatten planets smooth. Cause without wrinkles...there is nothing, nothing that is distinguishable, nothing different, nothing at all.

Some of these aliens can travel through the minds of people. The line that separates the left and right side of the brain. Only certain emotions can trigger the gates to open. Most of them being anger, arousal, or anxiety.

It's metaphorically stating that with these feelings, can come undesirable consequences.

Kanti was once in possession of Atamask's power and was fighting Metal Mechanica (who exists in all of the monsters at once.) But somehow Takun and Kanti split the powers in two and must be joined to form Atamaks' power.

In the end...Haku desires his power cause she wants to be with Atamask. But Atamask becomes his own entity in the form of a Phoenix and flys away with the Giant Iron.

(The Series' main focus is breaking the bounds of Anxiety...not being afraid to speak our true feelings or do what we want to do.)

Bonus: Haku in the bunny suit is actually a reference to Daikon. A character mascot used during the old 1980's sci-fi convention of Japan.

Many other references appear in the series. Most notably from Lupin, Eva Gelion, South Park, and many more. Place there just for kicks.


2008-11-19 22:24:16

Now your next anime viewing assignment is a Japanese "Live" Drama based off a famous Manga

Great Teacher Onizuka RK9Nk

it's 12 episodes and about 50 episodes shorter but it captures the message of GTO better in my opinion.

Please Watch All 12 won't be disappointed.


2008-11-19 23:22:22

You spelt Evangelion wrong...buahahaha


2008-12-09 05:00:51

I'v seen the whole series a few years ago did'nt get it.
Now there are showind the series agen so i gave it a go i'm starting to get it.
The end song was ok.


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