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2008-12-09 00:39:58 by hiphop8004

i even made a list of all the animes that had pevert sence and or people

naruto(pervy sage)
inuyasha(the butt loving monk)
dragonball(master roshi)
cowboy bebop(there has been sences)
shin chan(but thats what makes it funny)
fooly cooly(the names says it all... or dose it? idk)
and im pretty sure theres more

i still like these show but why so many pervs
oh well i knew what i was getting into when a became a fan


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2008-12-09 04:57:45

stfu rgionerjognwetl;khjmerykl;juk


2008-12-09 06:03:47

True, but they're meant for humor

hiphop8004 responds:

i understand that it just seems like its in places they dont need to be


2008-12-09 21:15:29

are you just listing the ones you like because there are anime that can be
pretty much borderline hentai out there

ever watched a show called desert punk? if not , look for it on a anime site.

hiphop8004 responds:

yea and because those were the only ones i could think of at the time

thxs for the link too i've gotta watch that serise (no not for that reason)